YLC Welcomes New Executive Director

Camille Sumner
New Young Leadership Council executive director, Camille Sumner. (Photo Courtesy of Young Leadership Council)

NEW ORLEANS (press release) – Young Leadership Council (YLC) announced Camille Kathleen Sumner as its next executive director. With both French and American citizenship, Sumner has spent her career building bridges between communities and leading the support of social and intercultural projects all over the world. 

“What I love about YLC is its capacity and ambition to embrace community involvement while enabling young professionals to acquire leadership skills and gain confidence in becoming leaders of the change: their own change plus a positive impact on others,” Sumner said. “The city needs leaders that can create links between communities and set an example for their peers.”

Most recently, Sumner exercised her social entrepreneurial mindset in West Africa as Business Developer for the European company TESS GEIE, launching and managing social enterprises focused on second-hand clothing recycling and supporting local cooperatives and non-profits.

Previously Sumner was the Cooperation Manager for the French Embassy in Togo, Africa, where she managed scientific and social partnerships between the two countries. She then became International Project Manager for the School of INSA LYON to design and lead innovative training programs for international students. Her passion for supporting entrepreneurship, innovation, and international partnerships led her to become the International Manager of the life science cluster for France’s EUROBIOMED where she boosted the start-up’s internationalization and attracted entrepreneurs and investors in the French territory. 

Career highlights include securing over $1 Million in European funds, $1 Million of public investment to create a major European start-up accelerator, and signing major investment partnerships with international clusters and companies.

Sumner’s genuine love for New Orleans brought her back to the city to finally call it home. She can think of no greater way to express her love than through being a part of YLC, one of the city’s most vibrant, lively, and inclusive organizations. She says, “New Orleans is the most thrilling, fascinating, and attractive city you can live in. Having a major passion for jazz music and brass bands and the culture all around, it became too painful not to be part of it. Especially after watching from abroad how Covid then Ida impacted the city. The images made me realize how much I wanted to be there, with what I feel is my community.”

As executive director of YLC, Sumner plans to build upon the organization’s history and accomplishments, its members, and alumni. She is excited to support other young professionals who want to leave their mark on New Orleans. 

“We are thrilled to welcome Camille Kathleen Sumner to YLC,” said board president, Andrew Koehler. “Camille will bring strong leadership, energy, and creativity to the organization’s programs and a deep sense of commitment to our community. Her service to international non-profits will bring a global perspective that will only enhance YLC’s mission and values.”

Sumner holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law and Political Sciences from Lyon II University in France, a Masters in International Cooperation from Tulane University, and a Masters in International Relations from Lyon II University. Her hobbies include second lining, trumpet playing, yoga, martial arts, bicycle riding, and barbecues.

Learn more about YLC at www.ylcnola.org.

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