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Julia Fisher-Cormier
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Julia Fisher-Cormier, Chief Commercial Officer Port of South Louisiana

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Julia Fishser-Cormier’s two biggest driving forces are her home and her work—fortunately for her, the two are remarkably intertwined. As a third-generation resident of St. Charles Parish, Julia is grateful for the community that molded her: the family that provided for her, the schools that educated her, and the mighty river that continues to provide a life source for growth, development, and a high quality of life.

As Chief Commercial Officer for the Port of South Louisiana, Julia is part of a powerhouse team that represents the next generation in the River Region’s success.

“Our initiatives look very different from our ancestors’ ideas,” says Julia.” Agriculture, energy transition, and multimodal infrastructure are common terms amongst our team—we are speaking a new language, and I’m proud to be part of this shift in economics at the Port of South Louisiana.”

Always intrigued by the law, Julia was elected to the St. Charles Parish Council in 2012 and will finish her last term in 2024. Compelled to help maintain and protect the community that defined her, Julia made flood protection a priority in office. The Parish now has a closed levee system on its Westbank, which proved its worth against Hurricane Ida’s direct hit last year.

For Julia, success comes with doing your best work and being the best you can be. Inspired by her family, she strives to leave the world better than when she entered it.

“None of what I do is ceremonial,” she says. “If I’m not making a difference, it’s time to move on to something else.”

Port of South Louisiana
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