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Kelly Theard
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Kelly Theard, Board Member New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity; Managing Partner Deutsch Kerrigan Law Firm 

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While working in television, Kelly Theard realized that she preferred to be behind the scenes. Inspired by her father, she attended law school, learning the importance of communication and teamwork before rising the ranks to Managing Partner at Deutsch Kerrigan. As an attorney, Kelly enjoys her role being part of a team, ensuring everyone has a voice and helping others fulfill their potential. As a volunteer and board member of New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity, she relishes being a part of another behind-the-scenes team and helping hard-working families achieve their dream of home ownership.

“I realized very early on that success is directly related to how you play as a team,” says Kelly. “Teamwork is a key concept to the Habitat model. We’ve all seen images of Habitat volunteers working together to raise a wall or paint a front porch. But what most people don’t realize is that the family who will purchase and live in that home is also working side by side with volunteers, putting in the sweat equity it takes to become a first-time homebuyer with Habitat.”

Deutsch Kerrigan is a proud sponsor of Habitat’s Women Build (May 13-14, 20-21), an annual event in which women come together to raise funds and build a house for a hard-working family to buy and live in. The firm will provide the funds needed to build the home and sponsor a team to work alongside the future homeowner on the construction site.

“Women Build is hard work but also a fun way to give back and improve the community we all call home,” says Kelly. To participate, visit or call 504-861-2077.

New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity
2900 Elysian Fields, New Orleans

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