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Torie Kranze
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Torie Kranze, Chief Executive Officer National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana

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When Torie Kranze started at the National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana 26 years ago, the organization’s focus was on the dialysis patient and their care. Over the past 10+ years, Torie has led the organization through a shift in the medical community, which is now more focused on prevention, education, and transplantation (with an emphasis on living organ donation and pre-emptive transplantation). This shift has brought meaningful change through more lives saved and improved quality of life for patients.

“When I became CEO in 2004, the next year brought my first challenge in Hurricane Katrina with our efforts to keep the office open and make sure patients were accounted for,” says Torie.

Every year since has presented its own challenges with the pandemic most recently forcing new strategies and flexibility on Torie and the organization. She and her team responded by developing innovative patient programs in transportation, mental health, and school curricula as they now begin aiding a new population of patients suffering some stage of kidney disease caused by COVID-19.

“The most rewarding part of my career is putting people together—I’ve done this as a recruiter, now as a CEO, and as a person who can actually help find a kidney donor/match for patients,” says Torie.

Torie believes in giving back both professionally through her work in the nonprofit sector and in her personal life. She has served on the board for Save our Cemeteries, chaired Human Rights Campaign dinners, and served on the committee for French Quarter Citizen’s Gala. She currently serves on several Fore!Kids Foundation committees.

National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana
8200 Hampson Street, Ste. 425, New Orleans

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