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Deanna Rodriguez, Courtney Nicholson, Sandra Diggs-Miller
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Deanna Rodriguez, President and CEO; Courtney Nicholson, Vice President of Regulatory and Public Affairs; Sandra Diggs-Miller Vice President, Customer Service

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Leading Entergy New Orleans with Deanna Rodriguez, President & CEO, are Sandra Diggs-Miller, Vice President of Customer Service, and Courtney Nicholson, Vice President of Regulatory & Public Affairs. Together, this diverse leadership team helps change the way the company interacts with customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Entergy New Orleans experienced an extremely active storm season last year. Hurricane Ida, a catastrophic Category 4 storm, made history, knocking out power to Orleans Parish and Southeast Louisiana customers and causing record breaking damage to the company’s distribution system. The company persevered, restoring power to the city within 48 hours and the majority of customers in less than 10 days.

“Facing the destruction of Hurricane Ida while I was new in my position was one of the biggest work challenge I have faced—fortunately, the team’s incredible talent, expertise, and dedication led us to a successful response,” says Deanna.

For 2022, Entergy New Orleans is focusing on strengthening its electric and gas systems, identifying opportunities to offer more green power options, and developing new and innovative tools to assist customers in managing their bills and energy usage.

“My mission is to ensure our customers know that we care about them—we strive every day to improve their reliability experience, assist them in sustainability goals, and provide the products and services they need,” says Sandra.

In addition to serving in their leadership roles, all three women are working mothers.
“Transitioning into a new leadership role while also adjusting to becoming a first-time mom has been redefining,” says Courtney. “The support of my family and colleagues has helped me rise to the challenge.”

Entergy New Orleans
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