Working at the Carwash


On a slice of a corner on Tulane Avenue sits a three-generation business. Whenever I drive by the place is hopping with scrubbing and vacuuming and cars waiting their turn to gleam. Their business card says they’ll give you, “The look you’re looking for.”

Owner Lamar Brisco is busier than usual today – he’s got work and he’s taking care of his young son, who he hopes one day will be the beginning of the next generation.

“If he decides to go another way I’ll support him, but I’d like to keep the business in the family,” he says. “I love washing cars because it’s what I grew up doing. I was raised in this business.”

Outside the music is booming, the suds are bursting, and streams of water are making colorful rainbows in the air. It’s a great day on Tulane Avenue.

Brandon Brown has worked at Bebe’s for five years. He says it’s a part-time job that suits him just fine. Brown will wash five to 20 cars in a day and make a few tips. He says it takes anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes to do a basic car wash by hand.

“A clean car is important because it keeps you organized and clear minded,” he says. “Nobody wants a sloppy, nasty car.”

Stanley Blunt’s been brushing, scrubbing and buffing cars at Bebe’s for 10 years.

“I like that you get to work on some nice cars, I mean most of the cars are nice,” he says.  “I don’t have any tricks to doing it, I just get them clean.”

Markel Brisco, Lamar’s younger brother, says he likes the work because it puts smiles on his customer’s faces.

If a business’ success is judged on how often clients come back, then Bebe’s is a smash hit.

For 10-plus years Harold Lewis has been bringing his three vehicles to Bebe’s to get cleaned because he says he doesn’t want to fool with washing them himself. “The service is great here,” he says. “They know what they are doing and everyone is so professional and courteous.”

Robert Donnelly agrees as he points to his resplendent Cadillac Escalade. “They do great work here,” he says. “I mean just look at the product.”



Bebe’s Carwash & Detailing Shop

3205 Tulane Ave.



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