What new technology, app, or software are you using to help improve your business or workflow?

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Perspectives Tech Wendiheileman

Wendi Weilman
Senior Sales Executive

Personally, LinkedIn is my go-to for pre-connecting before scheduling meetings with potential clients. It has assisted me with my successful sales career for two decades now. However, as the senior sales executive for BearCom/Motorola in New Orleans, I work with our commercial and public safety markets. I work with hotels, event venues and restaurants on the commercial side. We sell slim radios that fit easily into pockets so that staff can communicate together. Many of our radios offer Bluetooth availability. Wireless earpieces are popular. We are also proud of our rental program that supports our local event teams and festivals with radio rental options.



Perspectives Tech Jeffhebert

Jeff Hebert
Manager, Information Systems (IT)
United Way of Southeast Louisiana

When Hurricane Ida struck, United Way of Southeast Louisiana didn’t miss a beat responding to our neighbors’ urgent needs thanks to IT’s thoughtful implementation of cloud technology. Our relief teams worked remotely from hard-hit communities — raising dollars and coordinating supplies and communications while organizing nearly two dozen relief pop-ups — while our data and applications were safely protected. Our regular operations didn’t stop, either. Staff sheltering around the country supported our everyday efforts from thousands of miles away. Thanks to cloud technology, our United Way has generated over $120 million in local impact since the start of the pandemic and beyond.




Perspectives Tech Linelebarrow

I’m still old-fashioned. I write EVERYTHING down first and then back it up to the calendar app on my phone. Writing things first helps me remember them as well. I place them in order of importance, along with bullet points to check off. Visually seeing those check marks as I complete my tasks gives me a feeling of accomplishment. This method has not failed me yet!

Linele Barrow
President and CEO
DRC Staffing Group



Perspectives Tech Guywilliams

Guy Williams
Gulf Coast Bank and Trust

We all hate Zoom meetings. We found a simple all-in-one solution that we are now installing in our conference rooms. It’s called a Neat Board. It’s a large screen that simplifies any video conference call. The setup is easy and you instantly get a professional meeting room. We don’t have any financial interest in the company (wish we did), just a great tech product that meets a need.



Perspectives Tech Johnzollinger

John Zollinger
Senior Vice President and Director of Commercial Banking
Home Bank

We have consistently utilized software and other applications to improve our business workflow. I see this continuing to accelerate so that we can improve efficiency and our overall customer experience. They are almost exclusively designed as industry specific for banking.



Perspectives Tech Mikemassey

Mike Massey
Founder and CEO

Our entire team is remote, so we use a ton of technology to communicate and handle tasking: We use Monday, Jira, and Inbox Zero to handle client and product-related tasks. We use Zoom (switching to Teams) for meetings. We use Google Drive for document archiving and Office365 for collaboration. We use Canva for presentations.



Perspectives Tech Cateswinburn

Cate Swinburn
Co-founder and President
YouthForce NOLA

We’re on Slack and Asana, but I gotta say: Productivity software is only as good as your commitment to prioritization and appreciation for how to organize work. We at YouthForce are big fans of The Together Group’s trainings in work planning and prioritization. Cannot say enough good things.