What did you learn from the pandemic? What changes have you made moving forward?

Nuevo Formato

Perspective Dining Chuckcredo 1

Chuck Credo IV
WCA Entertainment and Media 
While we’ve always prided ourselves on the diversity of our clients in the national events industry, COVID-19 proved that broadening our scope was necessary. Since the lockdown, WCA has added a multimedia production studio, which has allowed our clients a platform for worldwide broadcast to millions of viewers. We’ve also expanded our influence into film production/casting, sports management/marketing, and political campaign consultation and are opening offices in Florida, Texas and Nashville.


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J. Stephen Perry
President / CEO
New Orleans & Company
We instantly shifted approaches on how we serviced and connected with clients from a predominantly sales approach to one of a business consultant and crisis comprehensive solutions orientation. We focused on leading the nation in safety solutions, safe reopening processes and procedures, uniting state and local government approaches and launching a best-in-class information communications programs for both customers and members. We also pivoted to driving local business to restaurants and attractions under tough restrictions.


Perspective Dining Johnblancer 1

John Blancher
Rock ‘n’ Bowl, Ye Olde College Inn
Our team had been battled-tested during Katrina and we drew heavily from that experience. The frustrating part of the pandemic that differed from Katrina was that during Katrina, the government did not get in the way and obstruct our work ethic. For that reason, we felt the pandemic was worse to negotiate. Moving forward, we realize how crucial our team members are in managing the business landscape. We have been blessed with good people and are committed to having them prosper as we emerge from the political lockdown.


Perspective Dining Kylebrechtel 1

Kyle Brechtel
President and CEO
Brechtel Hospitality
We have relied on what got us through prior existential threats, resilient entrepreneurship. The biggest lesson we (re)learned was when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges, roll up your sleeves and meet them head-on. It helps when you are part of an amazing team! We also benefitted from diversified concepts and locations. While most of our business relies on events and tourism, the revenue at our neighborhood spots recovered more quickly. Moving forward, we plan to further diversify our concepts and locations.


Perspective Dining Timartin 1

Ti Adelaide Martin
Commander’s Palace
This was the hardest year our industry has had. We didn’t know we had the capacity to do many things, including shipping food nationwide via Goldbelly and starting a virtual conference business. It started as a virtual wine and cheese Zoom “party” that also became a way for people to gather, connect and have some fun when they can’t do in-person gatherings. We are still doing this for all manner of businesses now. The only constant is change. Keep trying things. Maybe you’ll find out, like we did, that the public wants turtle soup shipped to them all over the country!


Perspective Dining Greghoffman 1

Greg Hoffman
New Orleans Steamboat Company
Gray Line Tours
Ongoing communications with our senior personnel via video conferencing brought people together from all departments and led to a greater appreciation of one another on a more personal level. Our accounting staff was invaluable in securing various funding sources that allowed us to survive. We will work with a leaner work force going forward and will be more selective in hiring and more focused on training and counseling employees. Major lesson learned: Question everything!