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Victoria Carney Rodriguez, Owner

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Victoria Carney Rodriguez entered Monkey Monkey Coffee & Tea in 2015 to apply for a job at the urging of her friend, an employee of the quaint Mid City shop. The moment she stepped through the doors, Monkey Monkey immediately felt like home. That day, Victoria was hired as a barista shift lead, and four short years later she was offered the opportunity to take full ownership of the business.

“I’ve had a love for coffee my whole life,” says Victoria, “My grandmother gave it to me as a young child, and I have always associated it with love, family, gathering and the start of a productive day.”

Victoria now shares her passion for coffee and food with her own blossoming family and community at Monkey Monkey, and it’s important to her to employ people who share that same passion.

“Everything we serve is handmade, and love for our craft is essential,” she says. Victoria feels her mission as a business owner is to give employees, products, and customers the respect and attention they deserve. Monkey Monkey’s positive, warm environment is no doubt the result of her openness to growth, self-improvement, and the changes we all face in life.

Monkey Monkey Coffee & Tea
4641 S. Carrollton Avenue, New Orleans