Very Thankful

Todd Matherne

As we publish our annual family business issue this month, it makes me reflect on my own family and reminds me that November is an anniversary month for me personally and a month to be thankful.

This month, Andrea and I will celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary on Thanksgiving. We will celebrate this year’s anniversary with family at the dinner table as we have a lot to be thankful for.

We have three beautiful girls, all married to wonderful gentlemen, and really love being grandparents to Penelope and soon, baby Schmidt. If you know me, family has always come first. I treasure every moment together, and as my friends have children, I often remind them that parents get 18 summers. For 18 years, you can plan summer vacations and adventures. Then, as they go off to college or begin their adult life you lose that ability to gather everyone together so easily. Make the 18 summers count. Those memories stay with you and your children forever.

This month our daughter Malayne and her husband Jake — who live in San Diego — will also mark their fourth wedding anniversary. They will celebrate this year with a new addition to their family in December. We are so excited to celebrate another grandchild in our family — even more to be thankful for.

And the granddaddy of anniversaries this year will be celebrated by my in-laws, Cotton and Phyllis, who will mark their 60th wedding anniversary this month. In 1983, when I met my wife as a very young high schooler, they put the old-fashioned fear of the parents in me, and I have loved and respected them ever since. They have a deep love for each other and are inseparable. They are the couple that you love to talk with because they add humor to every situation and no matter what mood you are in, when you sit down with them you leave in a better place.

To mark this occasion, they have planned some travel with their two daughters and spouses, followed by an intimate family dinner. I wish them a wonderful anniversary and many more to follow.

For Renaissance Publishing, this month we are publishing the 2023 edition of the New Orleans 500, and the team has once again done an excellent job of highlighting the most influential, involved and inspiring executives in the region. If you have not received your copy, visit for the latest edition.

This year, I encourage you to celebrate this month by thanking someone in your life that has moved you forward. You will feel great in the process.


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