Uptown, Carrollton Neighborhoods Become New Orleans Historic District Landmarks Commission Members

NEW ORLEANS—Today, Wednesday, March 1, the neighborhoods of Uptown and Carrolton will leave the Neighborhood Conservation District Advisory Committee (NCDAC) and become members of the New Orleans Historic District Landmarks Commission (NOHDLC). The NCDAC advises the City Council who rules on proposed demolitions within the NCDAC boundaries.  By becoming local historic districts, demolition requests in Uptown and Carrollton will only have to be heard by the NOHDLC, streamlining the process for demolition.

         “This is another step in the right direction of streamlining government,” Mayor Mitch Landrieu said. “New Orleans is a national leader in preserving our historical districts and the expansion of the Historic District Landmarks Commission will help ensure the protection of our historic and architectural resources while easing regulations and allowing homeowners more flexibility.”

         “I am pleased that the HDLC will begin regulating the new local historic districts on March 1 as we begin to shift demolition review from NCDAC to HDLC for part of the City,” District A Councilmember Susan Guidry said. “This shift from the current NCDAC procedures will reduce the cost of applications as well as remove steps from the permitting process while ensuring that our historic building stock receives thoughtful review when being considered for demolition.”

         “As was discussed when the Council voted on the motion, I believe that the expansion of the HDLC districts is going to streamline city processes, and create a more consistent framework for preservation-related demolition decisions in these neighborhoods,” District B Councilmember Latoya Cantrell said.

         Properties fronting St. Charles Avenue between Jena Street and South Carrollton Avenue, and those fronting South Carrollton Avenue between Leake Avenue and Earhart Boulevard will be designated as “full control.” A “full control” designation signifies that all exterior work must be reviewed and approved according to the Design Guidelines of the HDLC.

         The remainder of the two districts are “partial control” areas where the NOHDLC will have jurisdiction over demolition only.

         The Historic District Landmarks Commission (HDLC) is charged with safeguarding the heritage of the City of New Orleans through the preservation, protection and regulation of buildings, sites, monuments, structures and areas of historic interest or importance within the City.

         View all of the HDLC rules, policies, procedures, design guidelines and maps on the HDLC here


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