UNO Proud

During this past state legislative session you have probably heard a lot about funding higher education and the struggles all public universities in the state are having with the constant, year-after-year funding cuts.

 I specifically want to talk about the university right here in our backyard – UNO.

 UNO has more than 75,000 graduates – 35,000 right here in Greater New Orleans — and it needs your help now more than ever before.  It needs corporate support, volunteer help and some really meaningful public conversation.  

 The City of New Orleans needs an urban university to continue to strengthen its middle class and offer extended education to the residents of our great city.

 As a University of New Orleans alumnus, I ask you to rally behind our university.  Call the Alumni Office and find out how you can get involved with the Alumni Association and help UNO regain its financial vibrancy.  Your university needs you, just as you needed it many years ago.  If you are an alum, take pride in your alma mater and help make a difference.

 Be UNO Proud – I am!

To reach the UNO Alumni Office, call the Executive Director, Pamela Meyer at (504) 280-6395 or email her at

Todd Matherne

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