United Way Releases Video In Support Of State Dollars For Early Childhood Education

NEW ORLEANS – United Way of Southeast Louisiana, with funding by Entergy Corporation, has created a video called, “Fueling Young Minds and our Economy: The Power of High Quality Early Childhood Education,” to show why it’s an economic imperative for the Louisiana State Legislature to fund early childhood education.

         According to United Way of Southeast Louisiana and the Women’s Leadership Council, Louisiana appropriates $0 State General Funds for children under age four for early care and education, and Child Care Assistance has been cut by more than 58% over 5 years and the number of children served has been cut in half. 

         United Way of Southeast Louisiana and more than 20 other supporters of early childhood education have joined Ready Louisiana as a collective voice for young children.

         Ready Louisiana seeks $208 million by 2020 in funding, and is fighting for dollars as the State Legislature battles a $1.6B budget shortfall.

         Ready Louisiana reports children in high quality programs are better prepared for lifelong success, are ready to learn when they enter kindergarten, are more likely to stay in school and graduate, are less likely to go on welfare or to wind up in jail because they know more and earn more and are better able to support their families.

         They believe kids, who learn the basics from the beginning, grow up to contribute more as productive citizens and taxpayers.

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