Uncontainable Excitement

By The Numbers
compiled by Jennifer Gibson Schecter and Jacinta Noel

With waterway access to inland markets, choice of expert terminal operators and uncongested berths, the Port of New Orleans continues to be an ideal hub for cost-effective handling of breakbulk cargo. Steel, metals, rubber, wood, paper and project cargo are handled with expertise, and the Port offers superior direct discharge to and from barge. Port NOLA is also certified by the London Metals Exchange to handle and store non-ferrous metals traded on the Exchange.



The percent increase from 2014 to 2015 of nonferrous metals imported at the Port of New Orleans.


300 years

The combined amount of experience in cargo handling of the terminal operators at Port NOLA who handle breakbulk.



The weight in tons of a recent heavy lift record move at the Port of New Orleans. The 128-foot-long ammonia converter was discharged directly from ship to barge.


3.2 million

Tons of steel imported through the Port of New Orleans in 2015.


1.6 million square feet

The amount of transit shed area for the temporary storage of breakbulk cargo at the Port of New Orleans.


78 meters

The length of the record-setting wind turbine blade transported by barge to Port NOLA and transloaded to an ocean vessel for European export.



The increase in ship calls at Port NOLA from 2014 to 2015.


No. 1

Port of New Orleans’ U.S. ranking as a London Metals Exchange port for nonferrous metals such as aluminum and copper.


No. 1

Port of New Orleans’s ranking for rubber imports in 2015 when compared to Atlantic and Gulf ports in the U.S.




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