Uber Pet Launching in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS  – Uber riders in New Orleans now have a new ride option: Uber Pet. This pilot program is only available in a handful of other U.S. cities, including Austin, Denver, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Nashville, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tampa Bay.

This new feature lets riders communicate to a driver that they’ll be bringing a pet on their Uber trip. Riders will pay a small surcharge for the selection. Riders with service animals are not required to use Uber Pet, and can select from any number ride options without paying the surcharge. Cats and dogs, of course, are among the most common types of animals expected on Uber Pet trips but the ride-hailing company said it’s up to individual drivers to allow other types of small animals – so your iguana may be good to go. Pets have to be on leash or in a carrier. Surcharges are expected to be $3 to $5 per ride.

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