Uber and Bike Easy Announce Partnership

Photo from Uber

NEW ORLEANS – Uber and Bike Easy announced a new partnership to help promote road safety in New Orleans. Beginning today, Bike Easy will lead a series of educational sessions at the New Orleans Uber Greenlight Hub, tailored for local Uber drivers, with tips on safely sharing the road with bikers and pedestrians. Details were shared in a press release,

The Uber and Bike Easy initiative is a proactive effort to make drivers more knowledgeable about shared roads – with the educational sessions covering New Orleans bicycle law, an explanation of bicycle infrastructure and purpose, and strategies to keep people biking and walking safe. The sessions will unfold over the course of a year.

“Uber and Bike Easy share a common vision of a Greater New Orleans where it is safe and easy for everyone to get around, so teaming up makes perfect sense,” said Evangeline George, public affairs manager for Uber Southeast. “At Uber, we are committed to doing our part to help keep the roads safe and these educational sessions are part of that commitment in Greater New Orleans.”

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Uber on this important educational initiative,” said Dan Favre, executive director of Bike Easy. “We know that bicycling and bike lanes can help solve the mobility challenges in our region, and education for all people – whether biking, driving, or walking – is key to ensuring safety for everyone.” 

Uber already provides drivers in New Orleans and across the country safety tips, which include feedback from law enforcement, to ensure drivers follow local traffic laws and help protect pedestrians and bicyclists. Bike Easy hosts education sessions for bicyclists in New Orleans, as well.  

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