U.S. Ambassador Bolton Endorses Kennedy For U.S. Senate

John Kennedy

WASHINGTON – In advance of the Saturday, Dec. 10, run-off election in Louisiana, Ambassador John Bolton announced his endorsement of John Kennedy for United States Senate, along with a contribution from the John Bolton PAC of $5,000 to the Kennedy campaign. The Ambassador’s PAC has now contributed $682,000 in the 2016 election cycle.

         “I am proud to endorse John Kennedy for the U.S. Senate,” Ambassador Bolton said. “America needs conservatives in the Senate who understand the vital role that strong national security policies play in keeping Americans safe from terrorism abroad and at home. After eight years of President Obama’s failed foreign policies, John Kennedy understands that the stakes are high and thoughtful actions must be made in the years ahead.”

         “I appreciate Ambassador Bolton’s support,” Kennedy said. “The Ambassador understands that we need people in the Senate who will support strong national security policies. In the Senate, I'll put the safety of our families first in every decision I make.”

         The John Bolton PAC has contributed a total of $682,000 and endorsed 95 candidates in the 2016 election cycle, making it the most active leadership PAC in the country. Additionally, the Bolton SuperPAC spent nearly $5M on independent expenditure campaigns for Senate candidates in NH, NV, and NC.

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