Two Anniversaries

Last month, Biz New Orleans Magazine celebrated its fifth anniversary and I want to thank everyone for your kind words of congratulations. This month, we take a look at some of the people and news we covered over the past five years, along with an economic look from some of the area’s best forecasters.

None of this would be possible without the great support of you, the business community, and I want to personally thank you for welcoming us into your offices and giving us some of your reading time. You make this possible.

And speaking of anniversaries and making things possible, I now shift to a personal side. This month marks Andrea and I’s 30th wedding anniversary and I would be nothing without her. She has been by my side for more than 30 years, in fact, since I was 14 years old. We are high school sweethearts and grew up as adults together, which we like to say made our love and relationship even stronger.

She has been beside me through it all — including that January day in 2006 when we completed the deal to launch Renaissance Publishing. It was her confidence in us that made it happen.

Some days are just more special than others. Happy Anniversary Andrea. Love you forever.


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