Turducken Time!

Behind the Scenes
Photo by Jeff Johnston

Often credited to late celebrity chef Paul Prudhomme (who trademarked the name), the Turducken — deboned chicken, stuffed into deboned duck, stuffed into a deboned turkey — changed the face of Thanksgiving dinner forever. The meaty meal reached its greatest popularity in 1997, after Glenn Mistich, co-owner of The Gourmet Butcher Block on the Westbank, says he introduced the famous sports analyst to the dish.

Almost 20 years later, The Gourmet Butcher Block continues to scramble to keep up with demand. “In September we’ll start putting about 2,500 in the freezer for the holidays,” Mistich says. “ We’ll end up making about another 300 fresh the week of Thanksgiving and 300 more the week of Christmas.”







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