Tulane Law School Announces Appointments

Pamela R. Metzger

NEW ORLEANS – Tulane Law School announced the following appointments:


• Tulane Law School has appointed nationally acclaimed scholar Pamela R. Metzger to The Robert A. Ainsworth Professorship in the Courts and the Federal System. Metzger is recognized as an expert on the Sixth Amendment rights to counsel and confrontation, and she is on a short list of prominent scholars with expertise in managing public defender crises. She continues to handle pro bono cases, and her assistance has been sought in litigation to resolve Louisiana’s current public defender crisis.

• Tulane Law School has appointed Professor Stacy Seicshnaydre as associate dean for Experiential Learning and Public Interest Programs. Seicshnaydre is the William K. Christovich Associate Professor of Law and a leading authority on fair housing and anti-discrimination law.

• Tulane Law School has named Professor Onnig Dombalagian as vice dean for academic affairs. Dombalagian is the George Denègre Endowed Professor in Law and specializes in U.S. and international regulation of securities and derivatives markets.

• Tulane Law School has appointed Amy Gajda, an internationally leading expert on the intersection of privacy and media law, to the Class of 1937 Professorship. Gajda is a frequent analyst on free expression and privacy issues. She also is a prolific writer: during 2015-16, she published three articles, two book chapters, two co-authored casebooks and her second book with Harvard University Press, The First Amendment Bubble: How Privacy and Paparazzi Threaten a Free Press. Her book was the subject of the New England Law Review’s Spring 2016 Symposium.

• Tulane Law School has appointed Ann M. Lipton, a rising star in corporate and securities law, to the new Michael Fleishman Professorship in Corporate Law & Entrepreneurship. Since joining the Tulane Law faculty in 2015, Lipton has quickly established herself as an outstanding teacher and a writer who can tackle complex securities issues for specialists but also distill topics for a more-general audience. In addition to producing major articles during the past year for publication in the Georgetown Law Journal, Washington University Law Review, Arizona Law Review and Duke Journal of Constitutional Law & Public Policy, Lipton writes weekly for the “Business Law Prof Blog.”

• Tulane Law School has appointed Sally Brown Richardson, a rising star in comparative property law, to the new Charles E. Lugenbuhl Early Career Professorship. The professorship was endowed by friends and former partners of Charles Lugenbuhl (L ’51), a towering figure in the New Orleans admiralty bar and longtime Tulane Law adjunct faculty member, who died in 2011. Richardson joined the Tulane faculty in 2012 and has become a student favorite and a leader in the comparative property law field. She serves on the executive boards for the Association for Law, Property and Society and the American Society of Comparative Law’s Younger Comparativist Committee. As the 2015-16 Gordon Gamm Faculty Scholar, she organized the Younger Comparativists’ annual conference, hosting more than 100 scholars from across the world at Tulane. 

• Tulane Law School has appointed Saru Matambanadzo, a nationally known authority on gender equality and workplace equity, as the newest holder of the Moise S. Steeg, Jr. Professorship. Since joining Tulane’s faculty in 2010, Matambanadzo has published articles exploring the theory of legal personhood as applied to individuals and to collective entities such as labor unions and corporations. Her interdisciplinary work also has explored gender gaps in corporate executive positions and the legal treatment of pregnancy and childbirth, including laws governing discrimination accommodation and public support for child-rearing.


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