Tulane Gets $6.7M To Study Lasting Health Effects Of Katrina

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Tulane University has received a $6.7 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to study the lasting health, demographic and socio-economic impacts of Hurricane Katrina.

         The five-year grant will establish the Tulane Center for Studies on Displaced Populations.

         Tulane says the program's goal will be to gauge how different populations have recovered or faltered more than 10 years after the storm.

         Mark VanLandingham, a professor of global community health and behavioral sciences at Tulane, said few studies look at the long-term consequences of a major event like Katrina "because it's so difficult and complicated."

         Researchers plan to study who came back to the city, who didn't and why. Also, they want to learn why certain populations are faring better than others.



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