Tubby & Coo's Mid-City Book Shop Embraces The Board Gaming Cafe Business Model On 3rd Anniversary

NEW ORLEANS – Tubby & Coo’s Mid-City Book Shop, 631 N. Carrollton Ave., has earned a reputation for being willing to try new and unique things, and they are now expanding that into the board gaming arena.

         On Sunday, Sept. 3, in conjunction with the store’s third anniversary, Tubby & Coo’s is launching a slew of new board gaming programs, including a board game rental program, a board game exchange program, a program for independent game designers to test their games and a “Board Game Club” room modeled after the tabletop/board gaming cafes that are taking the country by storm.

         “I’ve been traveling a lot lately and visiting board game cafes in different cities, and I’ve been able to see first hand how popular they are,” said owner Candice Huber. “I also saw an opportunity here in New Orleans, as we don’t really have anything like this in the city yet.”

         After visiting several board gaming cafes in other cities, Huber decided to convert the reading room at Tubby & Coo’s into her own version of a game cafe, utilizing the game café business model and the more than 200 board games in her personal collection.

         “I had all these board games sitting around, and I noticed no one really used the reading room at the store, so I thought why not put those two things together and create a full time gaming room?” said Huber.

         Since Tubby & Coo’s is not a café, Huber plans to fill that gap by forging partnerships with local businesses and food trucks and by bringing games to other local businesses for game night events. This will offer her existing customers an ever-changing variety and give other local businesses the opportunity to reach new potential customers, said Huber.

         Tubby & Coo’s will hold regular board gaming events in the new room, including tabletop trivia, tournaments, play testing days for board game developers, themed gaming days, board game brunches, and organized play events.

         Along with the new board game café model, Huber is also implementing a board game rental program and a board game exchange program. She plans to have many of the games in the new game room up for rent for only $1 per day for up to seven days (two day minimum). And to help build the game library, she will have a board game exchange program that works similarly to the way she exchanges used books: customers can donate used board games to the store in exchange for store credit.

         “We have such a strong gaming community in New Orleans, and Tubby & Coo’s has always been a gathering place,” said Huber. “I want to offer a safe and inclusive space for all tabletop gamers, along with a variety of affordable programs to ensure gamers can continue to game.”

          Patrons can take advantage of the “Board Game Club” at Tubby & Coo’s for $5 per person to game all day long. Annual memberships are also being offered for $25, which include five free days of gaming, two free guest passes, twelve free game rentals per year, one free snack and drink per week, discounted event tickets and more.

         The “Board Game Club” launch follows the announcement just two months ago about Tubby & Coo’s new publishing imprint.

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