Triumph Over Kid Cancer Foundation

Rather than asking for presents for her 10th birthday, Skya Ortiz asked friends and family to donate to TOKC! Skya hopes to one day learn everything about pediatric cancer!

2015 was a year full of exciting endeavors and accomplishments for the Triumph Over Kid Cancer foundation, or as many people know us, TOKC. One of these accomplishments was their donation of $400,000 to G.R.A.S.P. (The Childhood Genomic Research and Sequencing Project), an endeavor that was started in 2014 in conjunction with M.D. Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital.   Since 2014 TOKC has raised $767,000 towards G.R.A.S.P. Doubling our numbers as for every dollar fundraised by TOKC, M.D. Anderson matches it. A few of TOKC’s other accomplishments for the year include hosting their 9th Annual Toga Party, 8th Annual James A. Ragan Triumph Scramble, and 6th Annual Big Easy Fundraiser in New Orleans. These events are a fun and exciting way for the foundation to connect and spend time with all of their supporters.

Another exciting milestone was the premiere of Until 20, a film about the final year of TOKC co-founder James A. Ragan’s life, and his fight to end childhood cancer. The film was the project of its producers Geraldine Moriba and Jamila Paksima, and they are having great success in publicizing their film.  It first premiered at the Austin Film Festival, where it won several awards. It has since been shown at many other festivals including the Virginia Film Festival and the Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, California. It is set to make its global premiere in Paris at the European Independent Film Festival on April 10th. TOKC is grateful for the work of all involved in making Until 20 a success, as it continues to raise awareness of pediatric cancer across the world!

A big priority for TOKC has been to involve individuals of all ages in their quest to DoThatOneThing! and spread awareness about pediatric cancer. Throughout 2015, young kids participated in a variety of ways including putting together lemonade or hot cocoa stand fundraisers, asking family members to donate to TOKC in lieu of birthday gifts, and wearing their TOKC gear for weekend sports tournaments. College classes put together fundraisers such as bowling tournaments and parents’ night out babysitting events. It is inspiring to see so many people getting involved with TOKC and being passionate about their mission.

By Michelle Hennessey


Pediatric cancer patients helping to make the trophies for the 2015  James A. Ragan Triumph Scramble!


L to R:  Dr. Ronald DePinho, President of M.D. Anderson, Sam L. Susser, M.D. Anderson Board of Visitors, TOKC board member Cynthia Coffman, 2015 TOKC Wingman Robby Lee, Dr. Valerae Lewis, Dr. Cindy Schwartz, Dr. Andrew Futreal, Anna Foy, R.N., and Dr. Winston Huh and Jim Ragan at the check presentation of the 2015 contribution to G.R.A.S.P.



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