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Pont Royal And Louvre Museum In Paris, France
View of the Louvre Museum and Pont ses arts, Paris - France

METAIRIE – From Travel Central:

Since the US Department of State has issued a Level 4 travel advisory, stating that citizens should avoid travel globally, the advisors at Travel Central are sharing their tips and links for ways to travel without leaving the house. 

“We might not be able to physically go anywhere right now, but our job at Travel Central is to continue to inspire our clients and travelers. We have every intention to continue to inspire the exploration of the world, especially at times like these where we must stay where we are.”

Travel Central recommends visiting some of the world’s most renown museums virtually, including The Louvre, The British Museum, and The Guggenheim. From there, online tourists can experience the beauty of America’s national parks like Yellowstone and The Grand Canyon.

Movies also showcase destinations through a first-person perspective, Travel Central recommends Eat, Pray, Love; Out of Africa, Midnight in Paris; and Under the Tuscan Sun as some of our favorites.

In addition, we are asking our travelers us create our “Travel Inspiration Wall” and share their favorite travel photos with us.  What a great distraction! Going through your phone, Facebook & Instagram posts and share your favorite vacation photos with Travel Central either by email or Facebook. We love seeing photos from travelers creating lifetime memories and are adding to our Travel Inspiration Wall that will be posted online and at our office!  Submit your photos here:  Travel Central : Travel Agency

  “Thanks to technology, it has never been easier to see the greatest wonders of the world. Once this advisory is lifted, we at Travel Central will be here for our clients and travelers itching to get back out to see the rest of the world, in person.”


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