Time to Run

Editor’s Note

I’d call myself a runner in the same way that I’d call myself a driver or a dishwasher — it’s something I do not because I think, “Boy, do I feel like going for a run right now,” but more because it’s a necessary action for my life to function in a productive way. Basically, it’s another feature of my weekly “to do” list.

I never thought I’d be a runner, but right now my life demands a stress relieving outlet that is flexible to my constantly changing schedule, available to me wherever I may be traveling and requires nothing more of me than putting on some shoes and heading out the door. That, essentially, leaves out every other activity I can think of.

Thanks to podcasts like “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me,” and, more recently, “S-Town” (if you haven’t jumped into this latest NPR jewel, then trust me, hesitate no longer) running has become quite a bit less painful.

Due to all the running, however, the same cannot be said of my right foot. Like so many runners, I am struggling with some plantar fasciitis, which made it extra exciting to talk to Dr. Elizabeth Warner, a Baton Rouge orthopedic surgeon that’s developed flip-flops that treat this condition. As summer gets into full swing, I may be heading down to Varsity Sports to purchase a pair.

With each issue of Biz we try to strike a balance between celebrating our accomplishments — like the work being done by bioinnovation pioneer Chosen Diagnostics, the reinvention of New Orleans neighborhoods post-Katrina and local businesses that take an old school approach, like Ice Cream 504 and Derby Pottery & Tile — with bringing some of our state’s struggles to light, such as our dismal ranking in efficiency, and our low level of giving to our coastline, compared to other similarly threatened states. 
Our region is always a work in progress. To those doing the necessary work, whether enjoyable or not, to help us find our healthy stride, I salute you.


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