Time Out

Remember when you were young and playing a game and something would go wrong (maybe someone would get too close to tagging or capturing you) or some distraction would present itself (likely mom calling you) and all you had to do was yell “Time out!” and it was universally understood that the game was now on pause until whatever distractions were sorted out?

Basically, we were smart enough in childhood to develop rules against having to deal with more than one thing at a time.

I would like to reinstate those rules now. Anyone with me?

Just as we were all deep in the midst of pandemic fatigue, here comes a Category 4 hurricane. Like every other business out there, we’ve pivoted so many times we’re dizzy. This issue of Biz, which went to press in mid-September, was definitely one of the most difficult of my career. Not only were we merely halfway into the issue when the hurricane hit, Ida also happened to strike the same weekend my family and I were scheduled to move into our new house, forcing us to unload everything we owned into the middle of an empty house and immediately evacuate, not knowing what would happen to the biggest investment we’ll ever make before we were even able to spend a night within its walls. Oh yeah, and I’m seven months pregnant.

Unfortunately, our state is filled with stories far more hectic and harrowing than mine, and the losses have been so great it’s hard to take it all in. However, there are always bright spots. There are always opportunities in any situation, and after speaking with many restaurant owners for one of our features this month and hearing their determination to be optimistic against all odds, I know we will get through this challenge, just like all the others.

It seems fitting that this month is our annual real estate issue, since the real estate and construction industry is one that, although with its own challenges, has remained steady and strong throughout the pandemic — on the residential side, even breaking records. We were honored to pick the brains of some of the industry’s top voices and hear what excites them about the future.

For now, fall is here, my favorite season, and that gives me hope. May it be a healthy and prosperous one for us all.

Happy Reading,

Kimberley Singletary, Managing Editor