The Workout of the Future is Here

Opened this past May in Metairie, The Exercise Coach uses proprietary smart equipment to help people achieve their fitness goals more efficiently.
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The Exercise Coach
2701 Airline Dr., Metairie

In this post-pandemic world, those looking to stay healthy or get fit are more likely than ever to ditch crowded, sweaty gyms in favor of other alternatives.

This past May, one such alternative opened in Metairie — The Exercise Coach, a national line of personal trainers and computer assisted-workout studios.

A step into the future of exercising, The Exercise Coach studios boast equipment that evaluates each client’s abilities and strengths — including baseline muscle conditions — then uses that information to design a custom workout for a coach and client to follow. Continuous data is then used to adjust the tension of the machines as the person advances in their fitness, increasing difficulty gradually to achieve progress and maximize results.

The Exercise Coach has studios in 33 states, and touts that it was ranked the No. 1 “Fastest Growing Personal Training Brand in America” in 2021 and 2022 by Entrepreneur magazine.

The Metairie location, the first in the state of Louisiana, is a 1,400-square-foot studio at 2701 Airline Drive — the corner of Airline and Labarre Road — that was opened by Theresa Hayes, who is already planning to open two more locations in the next few years.

Just as medicine has recognized the benefits of personalized treatment programs in recent years, Hayes said the benefits of using artificial intelligence to create personalized workouts are clear.

“Our approach is based on the science, which proves that muscle quality matters more than movement quantity. Muscle quality declines as we age… Our particular strength training sessions help to reverse this, and by doing so can have a huge impact on reversing osteoporosis, high blood pressure, diabetes and several other issues. It also helps with balance and coordination as we age.”

For Hayes, buying into the franchise— an investment that typically ranges from $127,000 to $298,000 — has already proven fruitful.

“We are currently at around 80 clients,” she said. “The feedback has been amazing. I have received many online comments regarding my team and their coaching abilities. [Clients] appreciate the personal attention they receive and our commitment to push them to achieve their goals. They love the equipment and the efficiency of the workout. They also love that it is a private, clean studio. No one will be walking in off the street to utilize our facility. It is one-on-one coaching, by appointment only. We also have clients telling us how they couldn’t bend over or get up off the floor without assistance. Now they are handling those daily movements on their own.”

Pairing coaches and customized workouts also enables workouts to be shorter and more efficient, something that a January 2023 report by Men’s Health magazine noted is currently a growing trend.

“For lots of people, the focus on gym workouts will come with a time crunch,” said the report. “Even if some aspects of home workouts have lost their luster, you can’t deny the benefit of the five second commute. With that in mind, trainers are becoming more efficient with the way they’re programming for their clients… In other words, 2023 will be the year of maximum efficiency.”

For Hayes, the venture is part of a major career shift away from years of working in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

“I am 56 years old and have been in the restaurant industry my whole career,” she said. “Fitness has been near and dear to me [since] I turned 40. At that time, I was not necessarily in my best health, and I decided that it was time to do something about it. I quit smoking and started running, cycling and cross training and it impacted my life in such a positive way.”

Hayes said her hospitality background has served her well in her new venture.

“Restaurants are a service industry and so is fitness coaching,” she said. “I have always known that my purpose is to serve others. My one and only hope is to continue to impact lives. I truly want all my clients to experience a major turnaround in how they feel, both physically and mentally, on a day-to-day basis. I live to see them feeling the changes happening over time with their overall health. Nothing makes me happier.”