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Baie Rouge gets a new makeover and reopens as Saveur

When we last heard from Kimble Donington-Smith, he was talking about his restaurant Baie Rouge and how he was working to get new customers in the door.

That very restaurant, which was widely loved by locals and famous for its Brie Fries amongst New Orleans foodies, wasn’t growing as much as Donington-Smith and partner Michael Capiton had hoped and they were growing frustrated. As if the fates interceded on their behalf, right as they were considering selling the space they found out that acclaimed New Orleans chef, Dominique Macquet, was looking for a new kitchen and space to take his culinary creations to the next level.

“Dominique and I had a rapport that developed when he was across the street at Dominique's on Magazine. And what started as friendly business consulting snowballed into Saveur,” says Donington-Smith.

Donington-Smith and his team turned Baie Rouge over in just a few days following the Mardi Gras festivities, gave it a sleek exterior new paint job, new interior design, new website and a new name: Saveur

“I have to give credit to Dominique's wife, Wendy Macquet, and Madilynn Nelson for the dining room renovation,” Donington-Smith says proudly.

Now with a new look and a new outlook, the team has experienced a huge boom in business. “It’s very exciting and great that it all came together,” says Donington-Smith.

With a menu of savory and inventive items like various flatbreads, fresh ceviche’s, crisp salads and decadent main course entrees, Savuer is buzzing with new faces and old friends each night.

The restaurant maintains its causal feel and the staff is incredibly friendly and approachable. The bar now focuses much of their attention on wine, as Macquet is an experienced sommelier. A new menu of signature cocktails is coming soon.

Joining Macquet in the kitchen is sous chef Son Pham, of Le Crepe Nanou fame, and new pastry chef Emily Rockwell.

Savuer is open for dinner Monday to Saturday and offers happy hour Monday to Friday from 5-7pm with $5 flatbreads, $5 wines by the glass, $3 draft beer. 




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