The Port Rises as an Educational Partner

South Louisiana now on the Roster for IAMPE

(L-R)  Robert Morgan, Educator, Houston; Crystal Hutchinson, LIGIT; Dale Hymel, Port COO;  Jenessa Ables, Port of Alaska, Susan Taylor, Missouri Port; Paul Aucoin, Port Executive Director; and Capt. Jeff Monroe, IAMPE instructor.


The Port of South Louisiana is now part of a growing legacy to provide education and training for personal development in the field of port management. The International Association of Maritime and Port Executives, IAMPE, conceptualized and launched the multi-level continuing education program that accredits and trains port executives and managers so that they can do a better job.

“A particular interest is that there is a whole new generation of port people coming up out of different industries that are good managers, but are not that familiar with the port industry,” said Capt. Jeff Monroe, Director of Education and Training and IAMPE.

The IAMPE is a non-profit educational institution that hosts management seminars and provides professional certification to port and maritime managers at sites designated as educational partners around North America.

In developing, and continuing to update the educational format, the IAMPE focuses on practicality. “We dove into the aspect of finding and recognizing how broad the industry has gotten and how many innovative things are going on,” said Monroe.

The result is a 36-hour immersion program that includes everything from finance to media relations. After an additional 16 hours of continuing education, like the seminar recently hosted at the Port of South Louisiana, participants are awarded the gold standard, Accredited Marine Port Executive, or AMPE. Port of South Louisiana Executive Director Paul Aucoin and Chief Operating Officer Dale Hymel have recently completed the 16 hours of continuing education.

“We are very pleased with our association with the IAMPE and to be designated an Executive Management Educational Partner,” said Paul Aucoin-AMPE, Executive Director of the Port of South Louisiana.  “We look forward to working with the Association on future educational opportunities to further enhance the professionalism of the port and terminal industry.”

The Port of South Louisiana is a 54-mile port district on the Mississippi River between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, encompassing the parishes of St. Charles, St. John the Baptist, and St. James with what the industry calls “blue water and brown water.” This diversity makes the facility a strong location to host continuing education that backs away from the local politics to educate participants in global logistics.

IAMPE and its educational partners rely on the diverse backgrounds and experience levels of attendees to add value to the program. Attendees will draw knowledge not only from the seminar material, but also from other attendees in the program.

IAMPE works to keep cost of attendance as low as possible, and seminars average between 10-15 people per session.


Captain Jeffrey Monroe, MM, AMPE with Paul Aucoin