The Odeon at South Market Unveils Art Collection

Anastasia Pelias Mural Image 2 Photo By Alex Marks
Photo courtesy of the Odeon

NEW ORLEANS – The Odeon at South Market has unveiled a collection of artwork anchored by both local and female artists, including a large-scale mural facing Loyola Avenue. The vibrant 53-by-24-foot mural was painted by native New Orleanian Anastasia Pelias.

The Odeon is named after ancient Greek and Roman buildings dedicated to musical performances. Pelias’ mural aligns with the theme. Pelias, an interdisciplinary artist who paints intuitively to music, listened to a soundtrack curated by the Odeon’s staff as she painted to “create a visual manifestion of the music.”

Local interior design firm Farouki Farouki curated the building’s art collection based on this “music visualized” narrative and created a French Quarter-inspired color palette in the spaces that house the art.

“Featuring the work of local, female artists was key to creating meaningful spaces throughout the Odeon, and we’re especially proud to share this collection during Women’s History Month,” said Amy Gray, Domain’s interior design manager. “Being located in a vibrant city full of diverse artists, we purposefully partnered with these talented creators in an effort to complement the modern design elements.”


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