The Lower Mississippi River (LMR) Dredging Update 111915

Navigation Transit Recommendation(s) on the Crossings Above New Orleans:

The New Orleans Baton Rouge Steamship Pilots Association (NOBRA) maximum draft recommendation for all vessels transiting up to Mile 180 Above Head of Passes (AHP) is 47 feet.  The maximum draft recommendation between Mile 180 AHP and Mile 230 AHP is 45 feet after having being previously reduced to 43 feet. Vessels transiting above Mile 230 remain limited to the maximum draft recommendation of 43 feet. 

WHITE CASTLE ANCHORAGE is once again available for vessel usage, the dustpan dredge HURLEY has completed its assignment at Alhambra Crossing.  


The Vessel Traffic Service Lower Mississippi River has implemented the following VTS Measure at Belmont Crossing: 


"Due to shoaling encroaching into the Belmont crossing reach, VTS Lower Mississippi River has established a VTS measure restricting all deep draft vessels 42' and greater to one way traffic while transiting between MM152.5 and MM154 AHP until further notice. Vessels should contact VTS on ch 5A or at 504-365-2514 for any questions."


Please review the attachments for complete details.



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