The Idea Village Opens Applications for 2022 Accelerator Cohort

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NEW ORLEANS (press release) – The Idea Village has opened applications for VILLAGEx, their flagship accelerator program for emerging, high-growth, technology-enabled startups. The selective four-month program provides the cohort of founders with the resources and connections needed to rapidly scale their ventures and to build industry-leading companies. Applicants can apply online until November 19.

VILLAGEx 2022 will run from January to May 2022. Its mentor-driven programming model provides access to a vast network of industry leaders, educational and pro bono resources, and perks exceeding $1M in value. The accelerator serves to maximize a founder’s ability to scale up quickly and to positively impact the economy of New Orleans and its surrounding regions.

“Now more than ever, investing in industries of the future is crucial to New Orleans. Innovative and growth-oriented companies are the cornerstone of a more resilient, vibrant, and dynamic local economy,” said Jon Atkinson, CEO of The Idea Village. “The annual accelerator’s programming is crucial in supporting innovation, job creation, and economic growth in New Orleans.”

Since its inception, The Idea Village’s accelerator programs have served 286 alumni companies that actively employ over 3,500 individuals and have brought in more than $367 in revenue in the past year, including alumni company Levelset, which was recently acquired by Procore Technologies for $500 million.

Scott Wolfe, Founder and CEO of Levelset attributes much of the early success of the company to their participation in the accelerator program.

“After The Idea Village’s accelerator program, our company was unrecognizable to its former self. The program lays out goals and composes a tactical plan to achieve them,” said Scott Wolfe, Founder and CEO of Levelset. “We became a more mature business post-program, with a clear understanding of our vision, mission and values. The connectivity that The Idea Village provided was instrumental in our early success.”

The nonprofit is teaming up again with service providers like Jones Walker and independent creative design agencies that allows the program to expand its reach and impact. The Idea Village’s national network of mentors, investors, direct resources, and industry connections create opportunities for entrepreneurs to set themselves up for scalability and long-term success.

For more information or to apply, visit The Idea Village website.