The Eastern New Orleans Municipal Report Card for Public Response to Quality of Life Standards for East New Orleans Residents

The Eastern New Orleans Municipal Report Card will address the public’s actions — or lack of action — in deploying resources that are vital to quality of life standards in Eastern New Orleans. The dashboard will address such issues as Public Health and Sanitation.

How often is the public agency responsible for surveying open areas for illegal dumping actually providing these surveys? What is the process and timeline for abatement of such dumping? What is the schedule for environmental control of mosquitoes, termites and rodents? Are landfills and legal dumping sites inspected for compliance? Are there regular schedules for street cleaning?

Relating to the city’s blight ordinance, what are the follow-up procedures and results of Code enforcement hearings for property owners that violate the blight ordinance? How well is the schedule maintained for landscaping and tree-trimming on neutral grounds and public right-of-way areas? Are citations issued for unkempt property or nuisance lots tracked? Are comparisons conducted to track increases or decreases in the number of citations issued?

Are there measures to evaluate the adequacy of public transit; are surveys or public meetings utilized to gather input from the community on how well transit services address transportation needs of New Orleans East residents? What are the on-time percentages of East New Orleans bus routes? Are crime and public safety incidents reported on bus routes, and how many riders are physically harmed as a result?

Are crime trends in the area tracked and reported to the public? What is the percentage of violent and non-violent crimes solved? Are these rates being compared to rates in peer communities and to specific time frames, such as the previous 6 months or the same time frame in the year prior?

How are the rates of business and job growth tracked? What measures and incentives are being utilized to attract new business, industry, jobs and investment to East New Orleans?

How often is the public agency responsible for surveying streets and roads for needed repair conducting these surveys? Are repairs and road reconstruction projects tracked, and is the public made aware when streets will be closed or blocked prior to such projects?
How often are drainage canals dredged and cleaned? How often are catch basins and culverts cleared of debris? Are the number of flood events tracked? Are adequate measures used to apprise residents of “boil water” advisories? What are they?
How many calls to the city’s 311 assistance are logged each month from East New Orleans residents? What percentage of the requests are fulfilled? What is the process for resolving citizen complaints, and are the number of complaints tracked?

The East New Orleans Business Development District maintains a good working relationship with the current administration and remains appreciative of the many services it provides to East New Orleans residents. With that being said, residents and business owners of this community maintain the right to hold the city and other public agencies accountable for services they are responsible for deploying. This Eastern New Orleans Municipal Report Card will be a means to that end.

The East New Orleans Business Development District believes East New Orleans deserves a high quality of life in a thriving community where we live, work, play, worship, raise families and build community. We demand a reasonable public response to the basic needs of our neighborhoods and residents.

ENOBDD has developed an Accountability Dashboard of Quality of Life Standards for our community. The goal of the dashboard is to monitor and document the effectiveness of the public response to quality of life standards in our community. ENOBDD will report results of the responses we receive from public agencies who are responsible for maintaining quality of life standards, such as public health and sanitation; accessible onramps to receive public input; code enforcement of blight complaints; public safety; public transportation; economic development; and community relations. The public responses will be published in The EAST Magazine.