The Data Center: Who Lives In New Orleans, Metro Parishes Now?

NEW ORLEANS – The team at The Data Center, Bernardo Espinosa, Caroline Heffernan, Dabne Whitemore, Keisha Smith, and Allison Plyer, has analyzed U.S. Census Bureau 2015 American Community Survey data on poverty, educational attainment, housing costs, and more, and answers the question, “Who lives in New Orleans and Metro Parishes now?”

         The Data Center’s updated brief examines the most current demographic data and identifies important trends in metro area parishes including:


• Race and ethnicity

• Age

• Educational attainment

• Internet access

• Poverty

• Income

• Children

• Child care

• Access to vehicles

• Foreign-born population

• Geographic mobility

• Homeownership

• Homeowners with a mortgage

• Housing costs and affordability

• Single-person households

• Commuting

• Housing stock

• Median household income

• Hispanic origin


         Read the updated report here



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