The Data Center: Who Lives In New Orleans And Metro Parishes Now?

NEW ORLEANS – When the Census Bureau released 2014 data on poverty, educational attainment, housing costs and more, The Data Center utilized new technologies to answer a frequent question in a report called: Who Lives in New Orleans and Metro Parishes Now?

         Using the Census API for data downloading, Google Sheets for analysis, and Google Scripts/ Ajax for publishing, The Data Center set up a coding architecture such that "Who Lives" will automatically update each year when the Census releases new data. This is just one of the ways Data Center reps say they leverage technology to disseminate high-demand data to the entire Greater New Orleans community.

         The most recent Who Lives in New Orleans and Metro Parishes Now? contains analysis for:


• Homeownership

• Poverty and child poverty

• Median household income

• Youth population

• Commuting

• Housing stock

• Internet access

• Hispanic origin


         Read the report here



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