The Data Center Releases “Latinos In Metro New Orleans: Progress, Problems, And Potential”

NEW ORLEANS – The Latino population in the greater New Orleans area underwent a dramatic shift following Katrina and the levee failures, The Data Center found. New Latino immigrants who arrived to work in the area added substantially to the pre-Katrina Latino population, nearly doubling the number of Latino residents in the area.

         Today, The Data Center is releasing the third in their series of reports they are calling The New Orleans Index at Ten Collection, highlighting changes post-Katrina.

         In “Latinos In Metro New Orleans: Progress, Problems, And Potential,” The Data Center found Latino immigrants made vital contributions to the rebuilding of New Orleans, but local and state jurisdictions were challenged to address their needs because of language barriers and questions about their legal status.

         How these post-Katrina immigrants incorporate into the New Orleans area will have an impact on the region's resilience in the face of future hazards, The Data Center said. Local and regional public institutions can respond proactively to ensure that this segment of the population is incorporated successfully, strengthening social ties and fostering resiliency for the whole community going forward.

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