The Data Center: Most Neighborhoods Rebounding 10 Years Post-Katrina

NEW ORLEANS – Today, in advance of the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, The Data Center releases “Neighborhood Recovery Rates: Growth Continues Through 2015 In New Orleans Neighborhoods.”

         The Data Center’s up-to-date analysis of neighborhood recovery rates utilizing U.S. Postal Service data on households receiving mail through June 2015 from Valassis Inc. reveals:


• More than half (40) of New Orleans’ 72 neighborhoods have recovered over 90 percent of the population they had before the levees failed

• There are 16 neighborhoods that now have a larger number of active addresses than they did prior to the levee breaches

• Only four neighborhoods have less than half the population they had prior to Katrina


         This brief contains recovery rates by neighborhoods, as well as year-by-year data, and growth rates since 2010.

         To view the report



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