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“This partnership is another step toward improving the economy for our River Parish residents, following the devastating effects of the pandemic and Hurricane Ida. As a destination, the River Parishes will receive increased visibility and visitation.”

Jay Robichaux, executive director of the Louisiana River Parishes Tourist Commission, talking about American Cruise Lines’ plan to add a River Parishes stop on some of its voyages.



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Have 1$? You Can Now Invest in Commercial Real Estate.
Calvin Cooper is co-founder and CEO of Rhove, an SEC-qualified app that allows anyone to invest in commercial real estate for as little as $1 per share. Cooper’s mission is to expand access and opportunity for everyone to be able to invest in and own their communities.


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Episode 112
Navigating Hot Button Social Issues at Work
The world is packed right now with issues that can incite strong, passionate opinions that can cause friction in the workplace. But human resources specialist Amy Bakay, CEO of HR Nola, says the worst thing employers can do is say nothing at all. Instead, she offers advice on how to flip this challenge into an opportunity to create a stronger team.



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“I was watching men invest in the mall shops from a profit standpoint, but not reinvesting in the business itself. But the customers were almost entirely women and girls. The opportunity existed because a woman hadn’t yet looked into it.”

Louisa Serene Schneider, founder and CEO of Rowan — a unique ear piercing studio staffed by RNs that opened in April on Magazine street— speaking to Keith Twitchell on his weekly blog “Neighborhood Biz.”



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