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Tony Tomsic via AP

Taking a blank sheet of paper and being able to develop a new concept from nothing is what gets me out of bed in the morning. It makes my socks roll up and down by themselves… If I can create a narrative and defer to that narrative as my muse and my framework for a concept, that bleeds into the interior design process, which is related to the architecture and then gets into the culinary program and the craft beverage program. It really helps keep us on track. So, it starts off in a place where I’m comfortable with just storytelling and then we continue that storytelling process throughout the development side of this thing and straight on into operations. – Robert Thompson, owner of the Frenchmen and Whitney hotels


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“Being in a hospital setting can be scary for any child. We believe that kids should be kids even when they are sick, and Child Life programs not only lead to better overall patient and family experiences, but also support improved quality and better patient outcomes.”  – Scott Macicek, Children’s Hospital New Orleans Chief Experience Officer, on the opening of the facility’s new Child Life Center


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Episode 90
What’s going on at Clearview Center?
Clearview Mall owner and developer Thomas Richards talks about what changes you can expect and when you can expect them as this 50-year-old mall is reimagined for the future.


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Episode 89
Culinary Program Creates New Pathway to Success
NOCHI Workforce Training and Development Manager Marquita White shares the details on a new eight-week culinary program designed to kickstart the careers of BIPOC hospitality professionals.