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Dallas Cowboys head coach Tom Landry is carried off the field after his team wins Super Bowl VI Jan.16, 1972, at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans.

It’s not necessarily five cities vying for one Super Bowl like it used to be. We’re always thinking ahead trying to land the next one while managing the [major sports events] we have. … These events bring in thousands of members of the media for a week, not to mention the exposure from the international broadcast of the games.

Jay Cicero, president and CEO of the Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation, talking about the city’s plans to host the 2025 Super Bowl



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“It’s good to be part of the Benson organization and what comes along with it — the Saints and the Pelicans and all of that investment. They have a lot of stroke, a lot of access. Ultimately, we’re responsible for what we do. We’re going to be a standalone operating company, and we’ve got to go get the business and service the client, but the platform that they offer us is unparalleled. And they’re nice people! We enjoy working with them. They like working with us.”

Mike Siegel, Corporate Realty president, discussing his company’s recent acquisition by Benson Capital




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Episode 86
Seniors and Omicron
With this aggressive Omicron variant, what should seniors be doing to stay safe? Is it OK to resume those doctor’s appointments? See family? What about protecting mental health? Dr. Brienne Loy, regional medical director for CenterWell Senior Primary Care for Texas and Louisiana, shares her advice.



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Episode 85
Top 10 Stories of the Year
Biz New Orleans Magazine Managing Editor Kim Singletary discusses the most important business stories and top executives of 2021.



Tony Tomsic via AP

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