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We have taken a site with great bones and repurposed it into a working, world-class, multi-modal terminal with fully operating docks, working buildings and rail access at the site for the first time in half a century. Renaming the site to Avondale Global Gateway better represents what Avondale is now and will become as we continue our efforts.

Adam Anderson, CEO of T. Parker Host, in early October announcing the grand opening of the former Avondale Shipyards as Avondale Global Gateway, a logistics hub for intermodal commerce.



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Our future must be greener, more resilient, more inclusive, and most importantly, our future must meet the needs of tomorrow. So here we are at a defining moment. Let’s seize this moment of clarity wrought by disasters and supply chain disruptions. Let’s use this opportunity to speak with one voice. Louisiana’s future rests in competing in a global market, so we must invest in a trade-based economy. We must invest in transformational projects.

Brandy D. Christian, CEO of the Port of New Orleans and the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad, speaking on Sept. 29 at the 2022 State of the Port. Her address highlighted successes across the port’s four lines of business — cruise, rail, industrial real estate and cargo — and the completion of several maritime infrastructure projects.



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Dr. Michelle Collins Unveils Loyola-Ochsner Nursing Simulation Lab
Loyola University New Orleans celebrates a $1.9 million experiential learning space that allows nursing students to practice many medical procedures using robotic mannequins and other high-tech devices.


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New Entrepreneur Program Partners Idea Village and St. Tammany Corporation
Entrepreneurs no longer have to cross the lake for guidance from The Idea Village with the launch of IDEAinstitute Northshore. Jon Atkinson, CEO of The Idea Village, joins Chris Masingill, CEO of St. Tammany Corp., and Vincenzo Caronna, entrepreneur in residence and program manager of IDEAinstitute Northshore, to discuss this new venture.


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