Teachers Can Access Free Financial Courses For Students To Manage Real-Life Debt

NEW ORLEANS – Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF) offers free, new ways to bring financial health into the classroom with personal finance curriculum for high school or college students and teachers.

Personal Finance Curriculum for High School or College Students: Next Gen Personal Finance offers a fully customizable (they use Google Docs) curriculum is organized into 12 units that high school and college educators use to teach everything from a single class period to a full year course.

Their structured lessons contain current “best of” the internet resources, curated by educators, and enhanced by NGPF original discussion prompts, activities, projects and assessment questions.

The newest offering is a NGPF Online Bank Simulation let students learn to manage an online bank account in a semester-long online program. Accessing it is as easy; simply sign up for an NGPF Teacher Account at www.ngpf.org and select "Jump$tart Financial Fridays" as your referral source.

Shorter courses allow educators  to teach key personal finance concepts in 8 weeks or in an 18 hour workshop.

NGPF has more than 40 interactive courses curated from the web that will engage students. Many activities are "grab and go" from their Interactive Library. One of the latest prgrams, PAYBACK, teaches students how to manage student debt.

To learn more about NGPF and its offerings, visit https://www.ngpf.org/

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