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Editor's Note
Kimberley Singletary
Illustration by Paddy Mills

During our latest Publisher’s Luncheon — where we invite a handful of local business leaders to lunch and invite them to share their latest news — we were honored to be joined by quite a few fascinating people, including City Council member Joe Giarrusso and insurance specialist Ryan Daul. As you can imagine, there was lots of talk about the challenges New Orleans is facing right now on many fronts.

But we know the challenges, don’t we? They are not news. To me, the real news, what everyone really wants to hear about, is what’s being done about these challenges and how about what’s going right in our city? That’s what we aim to focus on in Biz New Orleans Magazine. Who is getting it done and what are they doing to move us forward?

In this, our annual entrepreneur issue, we’re excited to provide plenty of good news, starting with our cover Q&A with Kimberly Gramm. Tulane University’s chief innovation and entrepreneur officer, Gramm gave us the inside scoop on the university’s new $10 million startup fund — an exciting venture from the new Tulane University Innovation Institute. Aiming to focus on those who commonly struggle for resources, the fund and its accompanying programs and services, are aimed primarily at entrepreneurs who are women and/or people of color. Applications are being accepted this spring, so if you’re in that category, I encourage you to reach out!

This issue looks at a wide array of ways technology is solving today’s problems — whether it’s on an individual business level, helping companies increase efficiency with custom software, or tackling larger societal issues that greatly affect our economy, like digital solutions that are helping healthcare providers address health inequities.

Digital solutions are even out there to help us get fit faster, like you’ll see in this month’s Why Didn’t I Think of That? feature on a new company launched in Metairie called The Exercise Coach. Mardi Gras is over people — it’s time.
Of course, technology can also be used in nefarious ways, which the writer of this month’s Guest Perspective, Frank Toro, reminds us of with some helpful tips on how to avoid scammers during tax time.

Finally, one last tech note: If you’re a podcast lover and you haven’t checked out our weekly BizTalks podcast, I encourage you to visit and give it a listen. Each approximately 20-minute episode is a conversation with a local business leader you’re sure to enjoy.

Happy Reading,

Kimberley Singletary