Tales Of The Cocktail Acquires New Orleans Daiquiri Festival

NEW ORLEANS – Tales of the Cocktail® announced that it has acquired The New Orleans Daiquiri Festival from the Open House New Orleans Company.

         Founded by Jeremy JF Thompson in 2011, the New Orleans Daiquiri Festival is a two-day summer festival celebrating one of New Orleans’ most cherished cocktails. Annually it features local music, food and one of the largest samplings of high-quality Frozen Daiquiris. Starting immediately Tales of the Cocktail® founder Ann Tuennerman and the Tales of the Cocktail® team will take over the festival’s strategic planning and execution with the New Orleans Daiquiri Festival returning in 2016.

         “I just know that The New Orleans Daiquiri Fest is in good hands with Ann and Tales of the Cocktail,” said Thompson, who will stay on with the festival as a consultant. “She shares my original vision for the festival and just wants to throw a festival that welcomes everyone to come celebrate such a storied and satisfying drink.”

         While the Frozen Daiquiri takes center stage at this annual festival with a focus on unique and high-quality ingredients, The New Orleans Daiquiri Festival was also developed to honor the unique drinking culture of the city. New Orleans is one of the few cities in the United States where the public consumption of alcoholic drinks is permitted. The Frozen Daiquiri is traditionally served in a Styrofoam go-cup from shops so you can get your drink and go.

         “As a New Orleanian, the Frozen Daiquiri has always held a special place in my heart,” said Tuennerman. “I am excited to take what Jeremy started to new levels with a cocktail festival developed specially for all.”

         “While Tales of the Cocktail® has become much more of a trade event, The New Orleans Daiquiri Fest will be a festival developed specially for the people of our city,” she said. “They’re the ones that made the Frozen Daiquiri what it is, so this event is for them. I am excited to take what Jeremy started to new levels with a cocktail festival for all of our neighbors and friends.”

         The New Orleans Daiquiri Festival joins a growing list of annual Tales of the Cocktail® events and programs, all developed to celebrate and support the international cocktail industry. In addition to the main event held in New Orleans, now in it’s 13th year, Tales of the Cocktail® also produces Tales of the Cocktail® on Tour, a satellite festival held in emerging cocktail cities around the world, Tales of the Toddy, a holiday cocktail party in New Orleans, and Tales 365®, a membership program with exclusive access to Tales of the Cocktail® content and events.

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