Takeout Covid is a Guide to Eating Well During the Pandemic

New Orleans Shrimp Po Boy Sandwich

NEW ORLEANS – Leave it to New Orleans to deal with a crisis by thinking of food first and foremost. The latest locals to help make sure the city keeps eating well are the creators of a new online resource called Takeout Covid.

Takeout Covid offers up-to-date information about changes to menus, hours and takeout/delivery options from local restaurants along with a resource page for hospitality workers who need to apply for financial aid, grants and other assistance. There’s a spot for people to donate to the assistance funds as well.

The website was created by the same people behind the Drinker’s Edition app, is a guide to more than 400 happy hours in New Orleans. Launched in 2018, Drinker’s Edition has expanded to cover Baton Rouge and Houston as well although the founders are currently pouring their energy into Takeout Covid.

From a press release:

“As of this week, we are now working full time to improve the takeout data and provide more resources for servers, bartenders, hosts and cooks that have been laid off during the shutdown. The goals of Takeout Covid are twofold: keep these businesses running through takeout and delivery traffic, and provide aid to workers who have had their hours cut.”

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