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Meet the core Susco team: David Day, Brent Kelly, Robert Murrell, John McCawley, Sean Thompson, Brian Mulhall, Daniel Whitmore, Nolan Sherman, Jessica Guillot, Tyler Hardy and Neel Sus

Many companies think of software as a simple means to an end—input, and then result. But Neel Sus, founder of Susco, sees software as much more important than that. For Susco, intuitive business software enables its users to contribute in more meaningful and fulfilling ways. Great software, Susco believes, makes great business possible.

Sus was working at Avondale Shipyards in 2001 when he developed the company’s first electronic work order system. While he expected management to be impressed with the efficiency gains from the system, he was deeply moved by the positive impact it had on all the end-users, and he couldn’t help but fall in love with software development. Until 2005, his dream was to become a “VP of Process Improvement” for a defense contractor —but all of that changed, as so much did, after Katrina. Sus decided to try to be part of the “new” New Orleans, and opened his own company—Susco—in May of 2006.

Operations took off in 2010 as they became the first mover in Louisiana for mobile application development. Susco developed the ElectionHub app, LSU Football’s first app, and FQ Task Force, an app dedicated to stemming crime in the French Quarter.
With their team’s deep specialization in C#.NET (Microsoft) application development, Susco refocused on internal business software development and mobile workforce apps in 2013. They continue to help high-growth mid-market companies (100-2000 employees) replace their legacy systems and digitally transform their business processes. They enable IT leaders to deliver high quality software at a faster rate than their internal teams can do alone, creating great financial returns for the business… and much happier end-users.

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Metairie, LA 70005
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