StudioHop Jumps Into New Orleans Fitness Market

StudioHop founder, CEO, HBIC Natalie Wolfe

         Feel like squeezing in an aerial class, some barre, cycling and even pole dancing this month?

         Instead of paying for expensive memberships at multiple, boutique fitness centers around town, StudioHop offers all-in-one access to a curated collection of eclectic classes. StudioHop’s members can exercise their options with an auto-renewing monthly membership and work out at a variety of fitness studios so they don’t get bored or stuck in the same old gym routine.

         StudioHop officially launched in New Orleans this week, and has partnered with Awakenings, The Barre Code, Barretiste, Cypress Fitness, Grace Pilates + Yoga, M Fit Studio, Nola Yoga Loft, Romney Studios, Shaolin-Do Kung Fu and Tai Chi, Tour Cycle Studio and others to be announced.

         Members reserve classes from the StudioHop app or website, and book by searching for a single studio or filter availability based on activity, amenity or time of day. Once the class is booked, the reservation is added to your StudioHop schedule and can be easily canceled or late canceled (less than 12 hours before the class starts) if necessary. You’ll also be able to view up to two weeks of each studio’s schedule, and plan your workouts ahead of time to energize your goals. StudioHop memberships can be upgraded, downgraded or placed on hold on a billing cycle (30-day period) basis.

         In New Orleans, the 4-Visit Bundle will cost $50 monthly, the 8-Visit Bundle $110 monthly and the StudioHop Pro plan, which allows you to “hop” once a day, costs $135 monthly.

         “I started working on StudioHop back in August of 2014 at my kitchen table,” said Natalie Wolfe, StudioHop founder and CEO. “We officially launched in January 2015 in Dallas, Texas and we’re now in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Tulsa and now, New Orleans. We guard the number of members closely due to competitive reasons, but we’re growing quickly in all six cities and hope to do the same in New Orleans.”

         Wolfe calls herself the HBIC, “Head Bunny in Charge” at StudioHop, and said she aligns the brand with the best studios in each city, cultivates the StudioHop community, researches new markets and makes sure her company is providing the best possible product for StudioHop members and studio partners.

         She said StudioHop’s mission is to make working out fun, friendly and obtainable, and to promote a lifestyle based on balance and variety, as in “green juice now, champagne later.”

         StudioHop warms up to the best group fitness studios in its active cities, Wolfe said, in hopes of providing a one-stop shop for fitness fanatics by giving access to a variety of studios they love and support.

         She said studio partners get stronger with increased and targeted exposure to StudioHop’s large and engaged community, increased revenue, additional marketing and community partnerships with local businesses.

         Members get invitations to exclusive fitness events and receive perks too, Wolfe said, including great deals with local spas, healthy restaurants and more.

         “We haven’t released our list of perks yet in New Orleans, as we’re still getting those secured, but think healthy lunch spots like Poke Loa, The Daily Beet and City Greens as well as blow dry bars, coffee shops and more,” said Wolfe.

         Members who travel to other cities within the StudioHop network are allowed to attend up to four classes per billing cycle outside of their “home” city. And if you need some time off from hopping around, StudioHop allows for flexibility. Members may place their accounts on hold at any time for a reduced fee of $7 per billing cycle to avoid the $30 reactivation fee. Members can hop back in at any time, but partial holds will not be prorated.


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