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New Orleans Chamber Member Since 2010

“Matching Northwestern with the Chamber—with its large base of employers, opportunities and membership—felt like the ideal decision”

Steven Dugal, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF, CLF is the managing partner for Northwestern Mutual, Louisiana-Mississippi. Over his 31 years at Northwestern, and throughout the last 12 as a managing partner, he’s come to a full understanding of the importance of a robust local business network, which led him to the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce.

Northwestern Mutual’s network covers areas across Louisiana and most of Mississippi, and its network office is also located regionally. After exploring the Chamber, Dugal found himself extremely impressed with the large membership base (over 1,000 companies strong) and robust events calendar.

Northwestern Mutual is a financial securities firm with a focus on lifestyle protection—it works with individual clients on a one-on-one basis to offer life, disability, and long-term care insurances that best suit clients’ needs. The firm pairs these offerings with services in growing assets for retirement, education, and other life events to ensure that clients can grow toward and continue to thrive in the lifestyles that best suit them.

“Matching Northwestern with the Chamber—with its large base of employers, opportunities and membership—felt like the ideal decision,” says Dugal.

Dugal has found membership in the Chamber to be productive and effortless. The Chamber makes it easy for members to be active and involved by providing a large-scale and diverse breadth of events to suit member needs. What’s more, Dugal says, they serve a membership that looks and feels like the community—which is one of many reasons he is a proud member of the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce.

In addition to supporting the Chamber, Northwestern is also proud to support the New Orleans Pelicans, now serving as the team’s official financial planning partner.

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