STEDF: STEM Businesses Make Up 15% Of St. Tammany Establishments

MANDEVILLE, LA – The St. Tammany Economic Development Foundation (STEDF) released its annual profile of local economic and demographic data for St. Tammany Parish and found 15 percent of the 7,660 business establishments in St. Tammany in 2015 were professional, scientific and technical establishments.

         The publication presents data taken from a range of sources and reports on 2015-2016.

         Brenda Bertus, CEO of STEDF, said, “This document assists us in marketing St. Tammany Parish, serving as a high-level overview of the state of our economy and our quality of life.”

         The report also found the average annual wages in St. Tammany increased 2.9 percent between 2014 and 2015, employment increased 3.4 percent and healthcare and retail sectors employed the highest numbers of St. Tammany workers.

         The estimated median family income in 2016 was $64,342—an increase of almost six percent from 2010. The estimated population was 250,504.

         The St. Tammany Parish Profile contains general demographic information on population, labor force, education, income and major parish employers.

         View the full report here



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