State And Local Sales Tax Rates 2018 Update: Louisiana Rate 2nd Highest, Behind Tennessee


WASHINGTON D.C. — Of the 45 states with a statewide sales tax, Louisiana's average state and local combined rate had been the highest in the country. However, the state's latest budget deal means that Tennessee's 9.46 percent rate edges out Louisiana's rate of 9.45 percent.

“Louisiana’s statewide rate fell from 5.0 to 4.45 percent on July 1, as lawmakers decided to extend a portion, but not all, of an expiring 1 percent on the sales tax," the Tax Foundation's Jared Walczak and Scott Drenkard write in a newly released report.

"Due to the change and a small reduction in local rates, the state no longer has the highest average combined rate in the country, narrowly edged out by Tennessee.”

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